Habit Change &  Meraki Mindset

Habit Change is a disrupter in the personal development space.

Studies have shown that Habit Change Intervention methodologies can be applied to a whole range of personal development concerns as well as health & well-being-related goals.


It even works for weight loss!

Delivered using the scientifically based principles of identifying and working on a few micro habits associated with the desired outcomes at a time,  rather than a 'broad brush' or sweeping approach to 'behaviours', leads to strong habit formation and sustainable implementation of change. 

Clients often go on to use their newly learned skills and the step-by-step process to make changes in all areas of their life...

Dr. Gina Cleo Ph.D., M.Nutr.Diet (Hons), and the Founder of the Australian-based Habit Change Institute has a history of conducting groundbreaking and robust peer-reviewed research. 

In her words;- "So much of your everyday life is dictated by your habits; in fact, nearly half of everything you do is habitual. So, if you want to improve your life, you have to know how to change your habits effectively."

And Meraki Mindset?

Meraki means:- The soul, creativity, and love put into something; The essence of yourself that is put into whatever you do... what other reason could you need? 

We offer several delivery options in the form of individual or group sessions, delivered in person, over the phone, or via Zoom or your preferred video link. 


Choose between Harness Your Habits, a 90-day Program, or Personalised Your Best You, a 12-month life transformation program.

You will never speak to anyone more than you speak to yourself in your own head – be kind to yourself.

All our programs have been developed with a MerakiMindset and in consideration of sound psychological principles to help you:-

  1. identify what needs to change,

  2. build emotional resilience and confidence and

  3. give you the skills to transform your life, feel in control, master your mindset, overcome the overwhelm, and go from:-

- Chaos to Calm,

- Worn out to Wonderful...

- Listless to Loved up!

It is all about YOU...regaining control, finding your purpose, and reclaiming your Mojo. 😁