Julie I want to thank you with all my heart.
I’m so happy with my results and how I am feeling about myself.
I will continue this journey you have supported me on
Thank you Julie 🙌

Bobbie-Lee Ryder, Gold Coast March 2021


Thank you so much Julie, I know I probably haven't been your easiest client but  I've really appreciated your support and guidance over the past few months. My whole family has commented on how much happier I seem to be and I know now I can set my mind on something and go back to my notes and make it happen using the steps. Thank you again - all the very best.   

Anita M. Brisbane


Thank you Julie I honestly didn't expect to feel so different so quick ... Our first session was quite a breakthrough in itself and now just a few weeks later, I'm loving work again and I know how to break things down into baby steps and little habits, I keep thinking of more things to change!  I'm going to miss you! 

Amy W. Currumbin

I worked with Julie in her corporate role at Diabetes Australia. Julie is motivational, inspirational, and conversational! She's one of those people who just gets things done, whether it's in an independent role in her own business or while leading a team of like-minded professionals. There is nothing that Julie can't achieve for herself or others when the opportunity presents itself. Over the years, I have also come to know her personally and have seen her rise from adversity to become the winner in some true life-challenging situations. I wouldn't hesitate to endorse Julie as a life coach, and an inspirational life manager, she will drive you to become the best version of yourself.

Niki Dowding: Marketing, Community Engagement, and Communications Consultant

I've known Julie for over 30 years, we worked together back in the day on world-class events such as international conferences, movie premiers and championship sporting events. She always led a large team with enthusiasm and was beyond reproach; her vision and attention to detail ensured events were flawless. She encouraged and supported us to go above and beyond our client's expectations, and as a result, we shared in repeated industry Awards. As a coach and mentor, she is without equal. I would highly recommend Julie as a team coach or if you want to see how life's challenges can be kicked in the proverbial she's a great mentor!

John White. Freelance Photographer.